Portfolio and Resume of cwelker illustration by carol welker

when seeking a creative person:
I like to know they have the gravitas to be creative. I like to know they are able to think outside of
the box. I like to know they have the balls to question the status quo. If a creative person can’t
question the status quo, are they really creative? I’m not talking about aesthetics either. I’m talking
big ideas. Innovative ideas. Ideas that don’t currently exist. The kind of ideas that take deep
thinking and research. The types of ideas that come from the peripheries, you know the kind,
disruptive yet socially compatible ideas. If you can imagine it, it is possible. Companies want an
edge. The type of ideas I’m talking about are ideas that will give them that edge. If you seek this
type of creative person, I’m your “man.” If not, maybe you should.